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Glyphosate Free Schools is a project of A Voice for Choice Advocacy, who have partnered with a number of different organizations to aid schools in complying with California’s Healthy Schools Act and taking it a further step to ensure the children of California have the least toxic burden when it comes to pest management in their schools.  We ask schools to to stop using Glyphosate containing products for pest management completely by 2020, and remove Glyphosate school-wide by 2022, replacing it with non-toxic alternatives.  This requires rethinking not only the products which should be replaced by non-toxic ones, but also a change in weed prevention practices to ensure the conditions to prevent problems in the first place, and identify other areas where schools and children come in contact with Glyphosate.

Letter to Schools

A letter has been sent to all public schools and all private/parochial schools in California, requesting them to commit to becoming a Glyphosate Free School, by 2020.

School Board Resolution

All schools have been asked to pass a resolution committing them to becoming Glyposate Free Schools, and thereby replacing toxic products with non-toxic alternatives.

Non-Toxic Alternative Resources

Schools committed to becoming Glyphosate Free will be supported in finding non-toxic alternatives rather than replacing Glyphosate with another toxic chemical.

Schools Contacted


Glyphosate Free Schools

Supporting Organizations

Over 90% of California schools use
glyphosate containing products.

Products which contain glyphosate include, but are not limited to, Ranger, Razor, Rodeo, Aquamaster, and a variety of Roundup products.

Glyphosate is Cancer Causing

Glyphosate has not only been found to be cancer causing, but has also been linked to heart disease, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, diabetes, cataracts, celiac disease, liver disease, lung disease, asthma, deterioration of joints, acid reflux and other digestive disorders, birth defects, infertility, sterility, skin disorders, scleroderma and more.

Supporting Organizations

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